The Realtors


These tracts of land were created using SimCity 4 Deluxe and imported into The Sims 2.

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Ashton Four Point Island
By Patrick

Built at the base of a volcano, many people that visit this town ask, "What were they thinking?!" The rich land and breathtaking views quickly answer this question.

Four Point Island
By Patrick

The island almost seems like a compass, except it's not.

Green Ridge Heidelberg
Green Ridge
By Patrick

Trapped between a tall mountain ridge and a deep canyon, what is there to do but enjoy life?

By Patrick

A small village surrounded by mountains guarantee this town to be peaceful away from the hustle and bustle of busy, urban life.

Old Canyon Pac-Man Valley
Old Canyon
By Patrick

A dusty town at the end of a dusty trail in the middle of an old, dusty desert. Bring your broom and dust pan!

Pac-Man Valley
By Alexandrya

Like rats in a maze, the people here are running around grabbing what they can get. Watch out for colored ghosts!

Pleasant Point Red Rock Canyon
Pleasant Point
By Patrick

Legends tell of a beautiful maiden who, distraught over her lost love, threw herself over the cliff into the ocean below. They also tell about the wet girl that keeps saying you will die in seven days.

Red Rock Canyon
By Patrick

Garden gnomes built this canyon in an effort to emulate the Grand Canyon and create their own tourist attraction. The result was not so grand, but the view is still breathtaking.

Sunset Isle Twin Shores
Sunset Isle
By Patrick

Floating in the middle of a bay with a lovely ocean view, Sunset Isle promises a nice neighborhood with a hometown feel with the benefits of a large city just a ferry ride away.

Twin Shores
By Patrick

They say the division between the rich and the poor gets wider every year. The river running through the middle of town merely illustrates it.